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Following His Leading

This evening I read Mark 4. The last section in the chapter is about the disciples following Christ’s leading, which led them into a storm on the Sea of Galilee. As I reflected on my day today, which included speaking to various pastors who are unable to even have me in for a meeting, I applied this passage to my life. Though my situation is definitely not on the level of a storm, there’s the temptation for me to become “timid” and faithless, as the disciples were. “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” I must not doubt the Lord’s care or power during this time of testing called “deputation.” The Lord does care and He will deliver me from this time according to His will. He led me to this point, so He will lead me through.

And besides, deputation is really not all that bad. I had a wonderful time this past weekend with Pastor Coffey, his family, and his church. I told the church that I am so encouraged by the testimony of Pastor Coffey’s son, Aaron. I knew Aaron when he was an unsaved college student who’s only goal in life seemed to be having fun. I never thought that he would eventually become an evangelist whom the Lord would use greatly in many lives. Praise God for the power of His transforming grace!

Since Pastor Coffey’s church has been supporting BI and my predecessor for a number of years, I could focus on updating rather than just educating, as with most other churches. It was a joy to preach in the AM service and to present my ministry in the PM service.

This Sunday I’ll be speaking in SS, presenting in the AM, and preaching in the PM at Troy Thacker’s church, Grace Baptist Church, in Orange, VA.

I just finished a chapter in On the Death and Life of Languages about the revival of Hebrew. What a fascinating story! Maybe I’ll share some of the details on my blog some time.

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Topical Index

Well, I finally finished a rough draft of the Topical Index yesterday. I’ve spent basically the last 10 weekdays working on this project. It’s been quite grueling, but it’s also been a blessing. I learned much as I traced the various topics throughout the NT. It was neat to have my attention drawn to a passage that I had never thought of in terms of the topic suggested by the resources I was using. For instance, as I traced the topic “the love of Jesus,” I was taken to such passages as the shepherd looking for the one lost sheep. What a blessing to look at familiar passages from a new perspective!

But though the project was filled with many blessings, I was definitely ready to move on to other activities. My eyes were about to bug out last evening as I finished the topics under “Z.” Praise the Lord for providing over 50 volunteers to help me proofread this Index to make sure the passages are accurately entered in. I wasn’t sure how many would offer their help, so it was very encouraging to see the responses come pouring in. The more volunteers I have, the less work for each volunteer. So it works out well for them too.

This morning I distributed the various “assignments” to the volunteers. Pray for them to have wisdom as they work through the various technicalities of this project. The volunteers have a week to get their work done. If things don’t go well, I’ll have lots of work when I get the material back! Pray also for them to receive a blessing as they do the work. And pray for the future readers of this Index. Two NTs are waiting for it in southeast Asia, but many others will use it in future years.

Now that I’ve turned over this work to volunteers, I can get caught up on other responsibilities that I had set aside for these past two weeks.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity of presenting my ministry at Faith Baptist Church in Williamsburg, VA. I didn’t get to visit Colonial Williamsburg, since the church is at least a few miles from the center of the city (I toured it twice in 2010). But I did get a chance to fellowship with some very kind and godly people. It was a thrill to see gifted people exercising their gifts in various spheres of ministry. Jack has a very generous spirit and is the welcome man. He makes people fill at home and always has a piece of candy for the kids. Joe loves working with paperwork, so he’s the office manager. He was busy distributing the members’ year-end statements. He also did a great job of teaching the SS class that I joined. Robert is the assistant pastor and made sure teens got rewarded with a pizza party and took care of the evening service since Pastor Privett had to leave. Pastor Privett, of course, is gifted in preaching, so he delivered an encouraging message about our King Eternal in the morning. What a necessary corrective when modern Christianity seems to overemphasize “Jesus, my friend.” Though He is our friend, He’s also our King. Therefore, we owe loving, submissive devotion to Him…. I hope I can get partnered with this church!

This Sunday I’ll be speaking in the AM at Westview Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, NC. I look forward to being with Pastor Coffey and his people. This church has been supporting BI and Dr. Henry Osborn, my predecessor, for a number of years. It will be nice to be with a church that’s already quite familiar with the ministry of BI!

Next week I plan on soaking in the sun’s rays in Rocky Mount. How thankful I am that the Lord arranged my schedule to be in the warm south during this time of year! I haven’t seen any snowfall since Christmas Day in Greenville, SC!

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