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Michigan’s December welcomed me back with a good bit of snow. In fact, it continues to fall today. It’s time to head back south! Actually, I won’t be able to do that until closer to Christmas, because there’s work to be done up here.

The Haitian Creole translator arrived last weekend, and we’ve been working with him on his translation of Genesis. He has half of Genesis ready to check as well as 10 Psalms. As of today, we’ve gotten back on schedule to finish most of the material during this workshop. The workshop continues until the end of next week. Please pray for wisdom to understand the sacred text and to be able to communicate clearly to one another. Dr. Bernard and Dr. Hye Ree Park are also in the workshop. Alex Wheeler will be joining us for a few days next week.

The Lord really helped my mom and me last weekend. We had many ministry opportunities as we attended the funeral for my sister’s daughter, Abigail. Please continue to pray for my sister Lori and her husband as they adjust to a life that’s different than what they were planning on.

I had a great time with Pastor Slutz and Thompson Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN, this past Sunday. I wish I were related to Peyton Manning to increase their desire to be associated with me, but after watching his performance later that night, I’m having second thoughts!

For the first time in four months, I’ll be back at my church here in Grand Rapids for a Sunday. I’m looking forward to worshiping with them.

I had a very unusual experience today–three pastors wanted to contact me about meetings for the future (I’ve been in contact with all three for 2-3 years)! And all three are from Illinois! What a blessing and answer to prayer! One pastor wants to have me back “to make supporting me official.” The other two are new contacts. I set up one meeting for January 2012. I have only one free Sunday for the other two, so pray for everything to work out to go to both churches. I might be able to combine one church with one of my other two meetings in Illinois in March 2011.

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It was a blessing to be with Mt. Tabor Baptist Church (Beckley, WV) and Emmanuel Baptist Church (Fayetteville, WV) last weekend. The Lord blessed the SS hour and I ended up taking 25 minutes in the AM service. Pastor King said I could have 20 minutes, but he added that I could even go over if I felt led. I guess I felt led! The believers at Mt. Tabor showed an unusual excitement for my ministry, partly because Kim Hibbard (another BI consultant) had already been there and partly because some were personally friends of the Hodsdons and Champeons (also BI personnel). It was an encouragement to be at both churches and to see the Lord work.

The Lord has worked out all the arrangements for my mom and me to attend my niece’s funeral this Friday. Abigail Grace Scherf lived only 2.5 days, but her life can be used greatly to glorify the Lord. Pray for us as we minister to family this weekend (and to others as we travel).

I already had plans to go north this weekend, because I am speaking at Thompson Road Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN. Now I’ll just be going up a few days early, and my mom will be able to join me. I’ll have the SS hour to teach, 5 minutes in the AM service, and the entire PM service to present. Please pray for this opportunity to minister.

On Monday I’ll be leaving Indy very early to get to Grand Rapids by midday to begin the Haitian Creole OT workshop. It will be 2 weeks long. The translator has submitted Gen. 21-50 to be checked. We also hope to check some psalms. Please pray for wisdom, grace, and strength as we improve this translation for the Haitian people.

Pray for safety on the roads. I noticed some pretty nasty stuff moving across the states on the weather reports today.

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