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What an encouraging missions conference I participated in at Community Baptist Church of South Bend, IN! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the church down there, renewing old¬†acquaintances¬†and making new ones. The church had given a sizeable gift to finish off the funds needed to print the Kabiye NT for Togo, and their gift even helped fund the printing of a NT for Myanmar. So they had already demostrated their heart for Bibles International. It was also evident as I presented my ministry. It was one of those conferences where I never lacked someone to talk to when I was at my display. I’m also thankful for the opportunities to minister when I spoke in Spanish 1 and Spanish 3 on Monday, presented my ministry on Mon PM, and spoke to the senior men at their Bible study on Wed AM. The people gave me many positive comments about my ministry, so we’ll see if the Lord allows us to partner together.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed my hosts in South Bend, I was so excited to return to MY HOME on Wed evening. What a blessing it is to have my own place to return to!

I’m preparing now for the Haitian Creole OT workshop in November in Haiti. I just finished working through Psalm 101, where David expresses his heart to do right and to remove wickedness from the land. Derek Kidner, who wrote a small but excellent commentary on the Psalms explains:

The psalm is doubly moving: both for the ideals it discloses and for the shadow of failure which history throws across it. Happily the last word is not with David nor with his faithful historians, but with his Son. There, there is no shadow.

That’s an eloquent way to state a profound truth!

I return to Indiana this weekend, but this time to speak at Waterman Baptist Church in Kingman, IN. I’ll be teaching in SS and preaching in the PM service.

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