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BI 2016 in Review

Recently I wrote a review of 2016 for Oksana and me. Now that I’ve written my department’s quarterly report, I want to do a review of what happened for BI in 2016 (mostly from my department’s perspective–the Text Production Department). Here are some highlights:

  • On January 12, Dr. Hantz Bernard was released from being director.
  • On February 29, Latoungam Rongmei, an Indian translation consultant who did around 10-12 workshops per year, submitted his resignation.
  • On March 6, Dr. Hye Ree Park was commissioned by her church, Westside Baptist Church in Jenison, MI.
  • In March, Oksana passed her doctrinal questioning and in July she completed Candidate Seminar. She was the only new candidate for BI. (And a mighty fine one, I might add!)
  • In March, BI adopted the Luxembourish OT project.
  • In March, a church in Texas printed around 10,000 copies of the Zomi NT to distribute to Zomi people in various churches in the south.
  • In May, Dr. Lian Muan Kim, an adjunct translation consultant in Myanmar, graduated from BI’s Mentorship Program.
  • On June 5, Susan Hossack, a long-time translation consultant who did around 8-10 workshops per year, moved away from Chad, Africa. She’s transitioning to a different ministry in France, though still with BMM.
  • On June 22, Becky Holub began as the part-time assistant for my department and for the Projects Management Dept.
  • On June 22, Terri Fiebig, our former part-time administrative assistant, died from cancer.
  • In July, Alex Wheeler, a translation consultant based in India, graduated from BI’s Mentorship Program.
  • In July, the Hakha Chin OT project was adopted by BI.
  • In July, Ben Bryant, a seminary student from Shepherd’s Seminary, did an internship with BI.
  • In August, Bethany Boston, a literacy/linguistics consultant, graduated from BI’s Mentorship Program.
  • In August, my department completed a SWOT analysis of our department (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). In August BI also enjoyed its annual retreat with Pastor Patrick Odle as our guest speaker.
  • In August, we held the annual consultant seminar. Verna Stutzman was our special speaker, and she focused on lexicography and dictionary making.
  • In the summer, we completed our Linguistics Translator Training Manual, which we will use to analyze the linguistics of our target languages and help our translators better understand the linguistics of their own language.
  • In September, our BIMS (Myanmar) Director resigned from his position.
  • In September, Isaiah & Rosanna Peterson and Jim & Jenna Wright attended BMM’s Launch Seminar.
  • In November, the Manipuri Bible Revision project was adopted by BI.
  • In December, the following projects in Myanmar were adopted by BI: Kokak literacy, Taisun NT, and Uppu Chin NT (formerly just a literacy project).
  • Around 17 volunteers helped my department in various ways.
  • Primers were completed for the following languages: Dagba, Rito (revised), Sara Kaba Deme (revised), Ranglong (revised).
  • OT Storybook was completed for the Uppu Chin.
  • Scripture portions were completed for the following languages: Matu Chin (Acts/Romans), Sara Kaba Deme (Exo/Deut), and Sango (Matthew).
  • The following Bible translations were approved by my department for publishing: Haitian Creole NT w/ Psa/Prov, Dagba NT, and Warao NT with OT books (17). The Haitian Creole arrived in Haiti in the hands of the people in December!
  • We consultants conducted around 80 translation, literacy, linguistics, and other workshops all over the world.

Praise God for what He enabled us to accomplish! We look forward to what this new year holds!

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One activity that gives me great delight is organizing stuff–putting things in the proper place and attaching labels to find them easily later. I took the time before I left my BI office to do that before Christmas. I filed away all papers and made sure every folder had clear labels. I also got basically caught up on all urgent emails. Considering that I was around 90 behind in the fall, that was quite a challenging task! It was such a good feeling to leave the office on December 23, knowing that I could go back on Wednesday with basically a fresh start–nothing lingering from the previous year.

I also found delight in organizing our storage room at home during the past week of compensation days (which I earned from traveling so much in the fall). I put up drywall so that I could mount shelving and then get everything into its proper place. But before I installed the shelving, I put bright white paint on the drywall and also covered the grey foundation walls with two fresh coats of bright white. It feels good now to know that things that had remained somewhat unorganized for as much as a few years are now in their proper place. My larger motivation was to prepare the house for the baby coming. Since my office will become the baby room, I need to find another place in the house to set up shop. We have a nice area for that right outside the storage room, and that room can function as a place where I can keep office supplies.

Another activity that brings me great delight is reviewing God’s workings in our lives over the past year. I was able to do that yesterday, and here are some highlights of our year on a personal level:

  • Early January started with our final appointments concerning the miscarriage of Salem.
  • We were cleared to travel to Eurasia and Ukraine for 4 weeks in January.
  • While in Ukraine, we heard that the BI director, Dr. Hantz Bernard, was released by the new BMM President, Dr. Vernon Rosenau.
  • On Feb. 2, my mom moved up to Grand Rapids and stayed with us for 2 months until her newly renovated condo was ready to move into.
  • In late Feb and early March I conducted a Haitian Creole OT workshop at the office.
  • During the workshop (3/2), we drove to Detroit where Oksana had her Green Card interview and passed with flying colors!
  • At the end of the workshop (3/4-6), I led a missions conference at our church.
  • Our first deputation meeting was actually on Jan. 3 at our home church here, but then the meetings really began in March. We ended up having 16 deputation meetings throughout the year. 4 of those churches have taken us on for support, and we gained 2 individual supporters. We also visited 8 supporting churches. I spoke a total of 70 times throughout the year in 28 churches and 3 schools. Oksana probably spoke about half that number. We put 6,282 miles onto our car, and we added around 5,000 to two rental cars.
  • We started the year at 74% and saw it go up to 83%. But then because of insurance and baby-needs increases, it went down to 73%. Now, it’s back up to 83%.
  • On April 15 we found out that Oksana’s nephew, Roma, died early on April 16 morning. Oksana flew out on April 16 for a week.
  • On May 19 Oksana passed her BMM doctrinal questioning with flying colors!
  • On May 30-June 10 I led another Haitian Creole OT workshop at the office.
  • In early July Oksana attended the BMM Candidate Seminar.
  • Later in July I began taking courses to become a certified biblical counselor.
  • On July 19 we found out that Oksana’s unsaved father died at the age of 69.
  • Right after the BI Consultant Seminar and Annual Retreat, Oksana and I flew to Eurasia and then took vacation in Ukraine.
  • After the overseas trip we had 2 days before we had to leave for 5 weeks of deputation.
  • We had a week after that before we headed out for another 3 weeks of deputation.
  • Throughout the busy fall, I was also administering a graduate-level Discourse Analysis course to 4 consultants in training.
  • On September 8 we found out that Oksana was pregnant. A few weeks later that was confirmed with doctors, and we were told the due date is on May 11. We are quite excited and thankful!
  • In addition to taking vacation in Ukraine, we also took short breaks in Grand Haven, Chicago, Washington DC, and the outer banks of NC.
  • I read the following 12 books throughout the year: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (John Gray), The People’s Bible (Derek Thomas), Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference (Robert Smith), The Bible Translator (Aug 2015 & April 2016), The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (Rosaria Butterfield), Sticking Points (Haydn Shaw), Pioneer Missions (Forrest McPhail), Holistic Discourse Analysis (Longacre and Hwang), A Theology of Christian Counseling (Jay Adams), What Is a Healthy Church Member? (Thabiti Anyabwile), and A Bible for Every Hand and Heart (Michael Grant, ed.)

It was a good year–filled with God’s blessings and trials. I am thankful that He carried us safely through and look forward to the new year. This year will include:

  • Jan/Feb: Eurasia/Ukraine
  • March: 2 missions conferences
  • Mar/Apr: Myanmar/Singapore
  • May: BABY!!
  • June: Quebec
  • July: missions trip to British Columbia
  • Aug: annual events at BI
  • Sept: Haiti
  • Oct/Nov: India, Chad, Eurasia, Ukraine

May God bless and guide in all our endeavors!

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