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We understand that many people probably have no desire to travel as much as we do, but my wife and I love it, and we’re thinking our son does too. We’ve really enjoyed the rhythm of having a set place to stay between meetings and then traveling out on the weekends and now Wednesday nights. We love seeing people and going to new places as we go to meetings, but then returning to our home away from home in Enola. It’s also nice to have a flexible schedule so we can work together on watching Eliyas and other things. I also like having a quiet place to get work done, particularly lecture preparations. So far, I’m ready for 4 days of teaching this summer, and I’ve begun collecting thoughts for 3 other days. We have one more week in Enola and then we spend a week in Kittanning (western PA).

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Last weekend we had a very nice time with the people at Independent Bible Church in Duryea, PA. We are very thankful for Pastor Cremard and his people for their strong stand for the Lord in the midst of a world shifting toward compromise.

Then, we enjoyed being with the people of First Baptist in Lebanon, PA, last Wednesday. We always like the fellowship with Pastor Fernett and the dear people there. We also picked up some baby clothes that they were holding for us, which were given by Heritage Baptist in Flemington, NJ. We are thankful for their love and support through the years since we began getting to know them.

We are at the halfway point regarding our meetings–7 done and 6 more to go. Only 2 more weeks on the road. Though we enjoy being in the road, we are looking forward to being home. We miss seeing family and friends in Grand Rapids. We also miss seeing our flowers open up at home. But these are small sacrifices in service for the Lord.

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My time of reporting to churches began with a great start. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Pastor John Conover and Victory Baptist Church in Reading, PA. It’s always a blessing to preach to people who are eager listeners to the Word of God. During the afternoon service, many testimonies were given of the people’s love for their church family. How refreshing it was to see that sweet spirit in these turbulent times! Those Christians who are minimizing the importance of the local church are depriving themselves of God’s primary means of encouraging fellowship! How can anyone make it without a supportive body of believers surrounding you to help you through this life?

I got a quick nap and then headed toward the Scranton area for a meeting at Independent Bible Church in Duryea, PA. The people there also demonstrated a great interest in the Word, and I felt especially boosted up by the Spirit as I preached. One lady told me with tears in her eyes after the service how she was encouraged by the message that I gave. Praise God!

Since I’m sticking around the Reading area this week, I get to minister to the AWANA youth at Victory on Wednesday. But not before enjoying a church picnic here in Duryea today!

I thank God that a fourth church has invited me to speak at their church during my time in PA! That’s four new churches that don’t currently support me. Keep praying for the Lord to increase my support in His time.

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