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Eliyas is born!

Eliyas was due on May 11 (Thursday), so Oksana and I were busily preparing for his arrival on that date, knowing that it would be likely that he would be late. It was such a joy to prepare for his arrival. Since we had an actual date to aim for, the excitement really built as the day drew closer. My wife exercised with me until just a week before her due date, and then when I went by myself, I would take my phone everywhere I went in the fitness center. I was in a state of readiness, just as we should be for the Lord’s coming.

The date finally came, but Eliyas wasn’t ready yet to meet the world. It was a little disappointing, but we were expecting that he would go past the due date. During those few days just after the due date, my state of readiness weakened, as I thought maybe he would go many days past the due date. I still went and exercised but didn’t carry my phone to every weight station, as I did before May 11. That lasted for just a few days, but I thought how much my state of mind changed when I no longer had a specific date to keep in mind. Though I knew he could come at any moment, I was no longer in a state of expectancy. How often I’m like that as I wait for the Lord’s coming. Since He hasn’t given us a specific date, I can get lax about preparing for His arrival.

But once we rounded the corner into the new week, I began to get back into a state of readiness again. I had to start leading a translation checking workshop of the Haitian Creole OT that Monday, but I had my phone always close by to listen for Oksana’s call  to get home (it would take me 20-25 minutes). I remember driving to work that Monday morning and calling Oksana to set up an emergency plan in case her water broke (it would have increased the possibility of an infection being passed to the baby).

But then the hours and days started passing. I got a few calls from Oksana and wondered if it was “the call.” Then finally, the call came at around 4 pm on Thursday, May 18. Oksana had been experiencing contractions since around 6 am that morning, but hadn’t told me because she didn’t know if it was “the real thing.” But by mid-afternoon, she began to think it was the beginning of labor. I raced home (driving just a little over the speed limit) so I could help my wife, mainly by timing the contractions but also by getting the bags fully packed and into the car.

We were surprised that the contractions were so irregular, not necessarily increasing on a progressive scale. Sometimes they would be 10 minutes apart, and sometimes only 5. They would be as much as 1.5 minutes long then as short as 30 seconds. We were told to go according to the 5-1-1 Rule (no more than 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long, and for one whole hour). Oksana struggled to find a comfortable position as the evening wore on. By 10:40 pm, I saw the contractions getting close to the 5-1-1 rule. The average was that, anyway. So, at around midnight, I called the hospital to make sure they thought we should head down, and they did! We arrived at 12:15 am (and were hoping the arrival on a new day would save us some money!).

We checked into triage first, as they verified that Oksana was ready to go to a delivery room and as they prepared the room (the hospital was quite busy with deliveries last weekend). After around an hour, we were transferred to the delivery room. Oksana’s contractions continued to go around 5 minutes apart, but sometimes the interval was larger. The pain became quite intense for Oksana. She and I hoped that she could go “all natural”–without any medications. But it soon became apparent that she needed help. She tried one medication, but that didn’t seem to help at all. By around 8 am, she and I clearly felt the Lord wanted her to get the epidural. The pain was just too intense at that point, and we knew there was even stronger pain to follow.

The epidural definitely helped Oksana feel more comfortable. In fact, she finally got to get some much needed rest. She wasn’t able to get deep sleep, though. I guess her body was in too much of a state of readiness to deliver that she couldn’t fall asleep, though she hadn’t slept all night. I got a little more sleep too (I had slept some earlier, but mostly I was helping Oksana with pain management throughout the night).

I will add that it was a cool “extra” when we learned that the anesthesiologist was from Russia. Oksana enjoyed speaking Russian with her and getting directions in her heart language.

Oksana’s doctor arrived sometime around 8 or so, and that was a great blessing to Oksana and me. She’s a very personable, kind-hearted, knowledgeable lady, and she is able to help Oksana through all the questions that come up. She coached Oksana to get some sleep in preparation for the pushing later that day.

Oksana began pushing around 2 pm. By this time, the epidural was working quite well, so Oksana was no longer in major pain. The doctor and the nurse were quite good in coaching her through, and I also helped by encouraging her and holding one of her legs. I always wondered if the actual delivery process would be so traumatic to me that I wouldn’t be able to stand it (or stay standing during it!). Instead, I was so thankful I could be there for my wife to offer some help.

Eliyas didn’t come out with loud cries, but clearly the event was the most traumatic of his life! 🙂 He was immediately placed upon Oksana’s chest to begin bonding with her. Then after about an hour, I got to hold him and put him on the scale to be weighed and then have his lengthen measured. It was such a joy to hold my son for the first time–the first human being in this world that I could actually call “my son.” What a glorious experience!

Oksana thought she was carrying quite a large baby since her belly felt so heavy, but we all tried to assure her that she was probably carrying a normal-sized baby. Well, we were wrong, and she was right! Eliyas weighed 8 lbs and 15 oz, and was 22 inches long. The doctor thought she saw dark hair when he still inside Oksana, but it became clear after his birth that he was a blonde haired, blue eyed baby.

Though I find experiencing something new for the first time quite enjoyable, there’s nothing like the newness of fatherhood. I’ve really enjoyed holding him, burping him, calming him down when he cries, etc. I love hearing his little cries, his whimpering, his mouth sounds, etc. It’s also been so much fun to watch Oksana say sweet things to him in Russian (flowing from her heart). I also loved seeing my mom’s reaction when she came in to meet him for the first time (one of the most energetic hugs I’ve ever received!) and seeing him again and again. We’re all loving to having little Eliyas in our lives!

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