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It’s been a busy past few weeks as we started the trip with a deputation meeting in MD, and then went to OH for 1.5 weeks, and are in 3 different places in PA this week. By Sat we’ll be in MD, and then we stop off in OH on our way to WI next week. We plan on being back home on Thursday.

The Lord really blessed our time at Peoples Bible Church in Frederick, MD. It was my third time to visit the church (second time to present), but it was my first time to be with Oksana. Since they already knew of her through Bruce Tuttle’s ministry, it was fun to introduce her to them. Pastor Ramler and his church received us very warmly. He said we are on the top of the list for receiving support. Pray the Lord would provide through them!

We spent a few days of vacation in Erie, PA, the following week (and visited our supporting church, Walnut Creek Baptist Church), before heading to the BMM office for Candidate Seminar. It was a thrill to show the BMM family who God provided as a companion in ministry for me. They applauded and were all smiles when I introduced her Thursday night.

Oksana and I thoroughly enjoyed being at the BMM office with the other candidates (9 total). I had already gone through the seminar in 2007, so I was kinda listening with “one ear” while also trying to get other projects done. I wanted to be there to help Oksana if she didn’t know a word, but I also needed to keep up with my BI responsibilities. But I was basically included as a candidate and even got to participate in the skits. We presented at two churches in the area: Northfield Baptist Church and Southwest Community Baptist Church. We’ll be back to the latter on Nov 13.

The Saturday after the seminar, we drove to Peckville, PA, to present at Faith Baptist Church. Pastor Vigil and his church also know Oksana through Bruce Tuttle, so it was a great joy to be there as well. They also received us warmly, so we hope to develop a partnership with them.

We spent a few days in Enola this week before heading to Lancaster (we visited our supporting church there, Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church). Some friends gave us an anniversary gift to go to the Sight & Sound presentation of “Samson,” so we are looking forward to seeing that tonight.

Tomorrow we head to Flemington, NJ, where we will be speaking all day tomorrow. Heritage Baptist Church, pastored by Dan Troutman, also supports Bruce, so it should be another enjoyable day.

On Monday we will “celebrate” our one-year anniversary by driving back to the BMM office and then on to Wakarusa, IN, for a short night. And then to Maranatha Baptist University for the Bible Faculty Summit. I will present BI’s Translation Philosophy and hope to connect with the Bible profs. Maybe they could help us with the work at BI and/or direct students to join us!

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Oksana and I have really enjoyed being home during the first part of this beautiful summer. It’s been nice to sip hot tea on the back deck in the evenings (on comfortable deck furniture that was recently given to us), while having our devotions and just spending time together. But those days are coming to an end, as we are hitting the road tomorrow to present at churches and attend a Candidate Seminar and a Bible Faculty Summit. It’s going to be a busy month but hopefully also one filled with God’s blessings. We need God’s grace as our schedule will be greatly altered by all the travels, and yet we still need to keep up with our work. Oksana is still working on the editing of the Translator Training Manual, but she has had to set that aside recently since she’s putting the Russian interlinear from Eurasia into English so I can prepare for the workshop in August. Meanwhile, I’m starting in my workshop preparations, while also preparing for the Consultant Seminar in August and beginning work on the Discourse Analysis course so I can administer that to 4 consultants in training in 3 different countries. Of course, there are the other daily management responsibilities that often end up consuming most of my day.

Our travels actually kinda started last week when we reported to a supporting church, Lake County Baptist Church in Waukegan, IL. We had a great time with Pastor Warren and his church. In fact, Oksana thought it was the best sermon (by Pastor Warren) she has heard since she entered the USA almost a year ago. Pastor Warren and his wife introduced us to the “Ukrainian Village” in Chicago too, so we had lots of fun touring that on Saturday. Oksana found a treasure trove of Ukrainian foods, so we bought some on Saturday and then stopped by again on Monday on our way through Chicago. We’ll definitely be stopping there again in the future!

We look forward to being with Pastor Kent Ramler and Peoples Baptist Church in Frederick, MD, this Sunday. I have already presented to this church, but not with Oksana. They support Bruce Tuttle (the missionary she worked with in Ukraine and her “adopted dad”), so they know Oksana through his prayer letters. They are looking forward to meeting her in person! So is she! Pray that they would be moved to begin supporting us.

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