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In case you missed our recent Facebook post, a future US citizen is now in Oksana’s womb! The baby is due on June 22. We are still adjusting to life as a married couple, and Oksana is still adjusting to the USA, but now we have another huge adjustment to prepare for. Pray for Oksana as her body is already going through all sorts of adjustments.

Now that we are home for a few weeks, I can get into a good daily routine at work. One of the things I’ve put in my routine is studying Russian for an hour a day. I want to learn it to speak to my wife’s family and friends, but the main reason is so that I can work better with the project in Eurasia that we just started working on. They communicate with us in Russian, and they put their translation into a word-for-word Russian so that we can understand what they have written. But the problem is that I can’t understand their Russian material either! Of course, I will depend greatly upon my wife to help me, but it would be so much easier if I could understand the Russian myself. I don’t need to be able to speak it, but I need to be able to read it with understanding. I did that with the Haitian Creole and the Tok Pisin (PNG), but Russian will be much harder than those two Creoles.

The first hurdle in learning Russian is mastering the Cyrillic alphabet. For an English speaker, it can be confusing, because their letters look similar to ours but can have a completely different sound. For example, the letter that looks like “Y” is pronounced like our “u.” The letter that looks like “H” is pronounced as an “n,” while the letter that looks like a reversed “N” is pronounced as an “i.” The letter that looks like “C” is pronounced as an “s.” And then there’s the issue of the cursive forms looking even different than their print version. For example, a lowercase version of their “D” looks like our lowercase “g.” The letter that looks like a “T” in print form looks like an “m” in cursive form. How will I ever master these confusing symbols?! Thankfully, my knowledge of Greek is helping, because some letter look just like Greek letters, and the alphabet is organized in basically the same order as the Greek alphabet.

If I can ever get beyond the pronunciation complications, then I have to slowly work through the 6 noun case endings. The verbs will also be a real challenge, especially since they make use of “aspect” much more than English does. But by God’s grace, I will persevere and learn as much as the Lord will enable me to do.

Pray for our continued support needs. We’ve seen one church increase their support, and another individual supporter considering doing so. A church is presumably voting on us quite soon, since we completed a questionnaire recently. But so far, we are still at 73%. I did some work on Friday to get meetings at new churches, and I’ve already set up one meeting in VA and hope to set up a second one in PA soon. God is blessing! Keep praying!

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