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Once again I’m sitting in an airport. My trips these past few months have been one right after another such that I don’t even put my suitcase away when I get home. As I was shopping for groceries on Wed, I marveled that just that morning I was in an airport in a former USSR country. It was definitely a long Wednesday as I traveled across the world. And now I’m sitting in the GR airport, this time waiting for a plane that will take me to MN and then another to MD. More on MD later…

It was amazing to see how God worked out all the details concerning Oksana’s visa such that she could join me for the last workshop in Eurasia. The interview was on June 4, where she was told that she was approved for a visa. She asked if they could expedite it, and they did! On the next day she was told it was ready for pick-up, so on her way to the airport for the Eurasia trip on Monday she picked up her passport and visa.

What a joy it was to spend a little over two weeks with her! It was her first opportunity to learn much about my ministry, and she got a very hands-on experience doing it. She was there mostly to observe while someone else interpreted, but she ended up interpreting certain segments every day, and at least two days she did the whole day. Interpreting is a challenge in itself, but it’s even more so when it’s technical training in translation. But the Lord helped everything to go well, and most of all, she really enjoyed it! I’m so thankful that her first experience with my ministry was such a positive one. Our hosts were extremely gracious. The translation team was a lot of fun to fellowship with. The city where we were staying was beautiful with wonderful places to visit. And the food and climate were quite pleasant. God is helping us to see how she could help me with this ministry. Not only did she enjoy learning about translation work, but she also acted as a very important team builder between me and the team, as she sought to build good relationships with them with her knowledge of Russian. Pray that she can join me in November when we go again. Once she gets into the US, we will need to allow 90 days to obtain her travel authorization card. We would really need that authorization by mid-October. God can work!

Now that we have her visa in hand, we have been going full speed ahead toward a July 25 wedding. The Lord really couldn’t have worked things out better. Not only did getting the visa in early June allow her to go to Eurasia to help me, but it also gave us the extra time we needed to get things established for the wedding. And being in Eurasia together gave us the opportunity to work on wedding things together, including our gift registry.

God answered so many prayers concerning the workshop in Eurasia, in addition to the ones mentioned above. He helped me to finish most of the training manual before the trip so I could spend time with Oksana working on wedding things and just relaxing with her. He also gave me enough time to finish the last 20 pages while I was there, even though the translation team wanted the workshop to go 11 days non-stop. As I taught through the manual, the Lord helped me think of ways to present the material in a better way, and He even gave me ideas that I hadn’t thought of when I wrote the manual. I was able to edit it into its final 115-page form and sent it to a Russian translator who will translate it for the translation team. I’m also thankful the Lord provided someone to do that for a very moderate price. The translation team took fairly good notes, but they really need to have the manual in its entirety so they can refer back to it.

I had two days to rest before I headed to the airport this afternoon for a short trip to Maryland. Pastor Dan Fox has asked me to teach 3 sessions and preach in the AM service. He wants someone with translation experience so the church can understand these matters better. I look forward to the opportunity to minister! I head back on Monday and then have two days at home before I head out again.

I will drive to PA on Thursday, where I’ll meet up with my mom. The two of us will fly to Ukraine for around 10 days. Then, Oksana, my mom, and I will fly back together on July 13, arriving in PA on July 14. We’ll have less than two weeks to pull together the remaining issues in preparation for the wedding. This is already quite a whirlwind of a summer, and it’s not going to slow down until late August. Only by God’s grace and people’s prayers!

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