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Dear Family and Friends,

November 22 was a very special day for Bibles International and even more so for the Darlong people in northeast India, because on that day they finally received their long-awaited Bible. I remember visiting the Darlong language committee in 2012 in order to bring the unhappy news that, though the Old Testament books were all now translated, it would take another two years to complete quality checks. Many believers had already paid for their copy of the Bible, because they wanted to make sure they got their own copy. The Darlong wait no longer! We have since then been informed that 19 churches immediately began a reading program in which they read the Bible out loud for all to hear. They read from cover to cover for seven days, with many sleeping in the church to make sure no interruption occurred. What a wonderful reception! May God so work in hearts that all our language groups have such a God-exalting reception of the Word of God!


The Tok Pisin NT project has gotten off to a slow start since it began in 2012. The administrative committee is barely functional, and the Read-and-Review Committee misunderstood the procedures to follow. The translation team has been productive in writing the first draft, but they struggle with the grammar of their language and have difficulties coming up with good solutions during the workshop. All the men are dedicated and godly, but they need God’s grace and wisdom to turn this sputtering project into a successful one. Thankfully, I saw some improvements when I was with them in November, and I gave them suggestions to get back on track. PRAY they will!


In contrast to the PNG project, the Haitian project has been operating quite successfully since it began in 2008, though we are getting behind in our target year for completion (2020). But, in December, we were able to finish the book of Numbers, and I was able to teach the translator (pictured above) a new translation-editing software, after learning it myself in the evenings down there. The Lord also enabled me to preach a sermon in French in the translator’s church. PRAY we can get this project caught back up, and PRAY the translator will find new members for the Read-and-Review Committee, as the current members are very gifted men and have moved into spheres of greater responsibility. PRAY for the publication and distribution of a revised New Testament with the newly translated Psalms and Proverbs later this year.


January began with a bang as I spent the first four days in the office working with the rest of the administrative team on strategic planning. PRAY for wisdom as we continue to strategize.

In a week I will leave for Côte d’Ivoire with a co-worker to spend two weeks with leaders in two different language groups, for whom we produced New Testaments around 30 years ago. PRAY for wisdom as we work with them to establish a strategy for revising their New Testaments and establishing a solid literacy program.

I will have less than a week after that trip to get ready for a month-long trip to India and Bangladesh. I will be leading a consultant seminar and conducting a translation workshop on the book of Leviticus. PRAY for grace, wisdom, and safety.

PRAISE the Lord that my support level is now at 98%!

For the cause of Christ,


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My prayer letter will be coming out soon, but let me expand on a few items…

A co-worker and I will be going to Cote d’Ivoire a week from today to meet up with leaders connected to the Neao and Kaowlu language groups. We translated the NT into their languages around 30 years ago, so the NTs need to be revised. Because of civil war, the literacy activities were stunted, so many still don’t know how to read their own language. So, we will be strategizing with them to determine how to get their NTs revised and how to establish a solid literacy program. Carla and one or two others will go later this year to really establish the literacy, so we will be just laying a foundation. This trip will be two weeks long. I’ll also serve as an interpreter, as my co-worker doesn’t know French.

I’ll be home for less than a week and will need to head to India for about a month. I’ll be leading a consultant seminar with the consultants there, and then I’ll conduct a Ranglong OT translation workshop on the book of Numbers. At the end of the trip I’ll tack on a short stop to Bangladesh to spend time with a church that has given me some support through the years.

Pray for strength and wisdom to prepare for all these events coming up in such short succession! Pray as I also need to give attention to strategic planning for BI, which we began doing this week. Our goal is to establish a strategic plan for BI by the end of March.

P.S. Because of all the busy-ness of these first few months, I probably won’t be able to update my blog regularly.

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