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First Week in India

I’ve successfully made it through my first week in India. I actually arrived in India on Wed evening. Jet lag hasn’t been a major problem with me (for which I’m very thankful to God!), and that’s a good thing because I began immediately with a meeting with two key BI people here in India on Wed evening. Then the consultant seminar began the following morning. We’ve been able to discuss very important matters on Thurs and Fri, and we’ve come up with some good ideas. The Lord is answering prayer for wisdom! One major issue we need the Lord’s help with is providing more consultants! We came to realize that at the current pace of work we do when we conduct translation workshops and with our current consultant pool, we will take around 20 years to complete the OT. That’s way too much time! Pray for the Lord to raise up more laborers. Thankfully, two are on deputation right now and will be in India in the next 1-3 years.

The Lord also helped me as a preached today at two different churches. It’s a blessing to return to churches that I’ve been to during my first two visits in India. I look forward to each visit even more as I come back to India. Both churches had around 60 in the service, but the Lord is doing some wonderful things in their midst. One of them has begun a constructing their own building right behind the BI office campus.

On Mon-Wed we’ll complete the second half of the consultant seminar, which will be focused on learning from a recently graduated PhD student who did her dissertation on verbal aspect of Hebrew verbs in poetry. It will really challenge our Hebrew knowledge, but it will be a good time of learning. Then on Thurs I will begin a translation checking workshop here at the office with the Simte OT translator. We’ll be working through Zephaniah, Ruth, and portions of Numbers. Pray for wisdom for this week and for very fruitful times of interaction.

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Dear Family and Friends,


On the first day of this new year, a friend reminded me of some lines from Francis Ridley Havergal’s “Another Year is Dawning,”which say,

Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
In working or in waiting, another year with Thee;
Another year of progress, another year of praise,
Another year of proving Thy presence all the days.

May the Lord help us to know more of His presence in working and waiting, progress and praising in this next year!


Thank you for your PRAYERS for the annual banquet in October. We had over 700 guests and raised over $40,000 for our projects in the Americas and Caribbean. PRAY that the Lord would continue to provide for our financial needs, especially as giving has been down recently.


The day after that banquet, I headed to the airport for another trip to Africa. It included returning to Chad and going to Benin and Niger for the first time. PRAISE the Lord for giving me safety and enabling me to finish all my preparations before the workshops and accomplish all my goals during the workshops, even though I was delayed twice in my travels. The Lord’s presence was quite evident in both workshops—especially in the first, where we anticipated there might be some team divisiveness. Instead, we worked wonderfully well together and accomplished much, even finishing early.



My trip to Benin was especially encouraging, because I saw how God was using the Dendi NT we finished a number of years ago. I also noticed how extremely dependent the Dendi believers are upon having the Word of God in their own language. I could hardly speak to any of them in French, and they struggle to understand the Word of God even in a related African language. PRAY for us to complete the Dendi OT in good time. We are preparing 10 books for a trial edition to be published next year.


The new year will begin with another trip to the East, but this time I’ll be gone for longer than any previous trip. I’ll spend two weeks in India (leading a consultant seminar and conducting a translation checking workshop), five weeks in Papua New Guinea (conducting a translation checking workshop and training a translation team for a new project), one week in Singapore (to regroup and to prepare for the last week of my trip), and one week in Myanmar (to meet with consultants and to conduct another translation checking workshop). Please PRAY for wisdom as I continue to prepare (and will do so most evenings on the trip) and then as I exercise these leadership roles in various contexts. This trip will stretch me more than any before, but I look forward to seeing how the Lord’s strength will be perfected in my weakness.

Please continue to PRAY for the Lord to provide a Projects Manager for BI. It’s been tough, especially for the director, to keep up with the responsibilities of this position until we find a replacement. Thanks for your prayers!

For the Cause of Christ,


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