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Troy’s Chad Trip

I will be leaving on Saturday afternoon for a three-week trip to Chad, Africa. This is my third time there, and I’m excited about seeing the people and the country once again. I’ll be checking 1 & 2 Chronicles in the Day (pronounced like “dye”) OT, and a consultant newly arrived in Chad will be assisting me. The workshop is quite intense for various reasons: checking each verse, working in four different languages (Hebrew, Day, French, and English); a hot time of year in Chad, though not the hottest; working from 7am to 5pm each day, with a two-hour lunch/nap break, and also working half days on Saturdays; and continued preparations in the evening so that we don’t run out of material to cover. I’ve been putting as much time as possible into preparations, and I’m almost finished with 1 Chronicles, but I’ll need to work on 2 Chronicles while in Chad. Please pray for the following:

–grace, wisdom, strength, and joy as we check God’s Word in Day

–wisdom as I meet with others connected to the translation and literacy work

–enablement as I preach once or twice, and as the other consultant and I lead devotions each day

–witnessing opportunities in transit and in Chad (and in Paris as I tour it Sunday during a layover)

–spiritual and physical safety & health for me

–safe arrival of my luggage and the stuff I’m bringing to the missionaries

–freedom from complications in a third-world country so that we are not distracted from the work (I know, I’m asking for a miracle!)

Thanks so much for your prayers!

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The Lord has given me some encouragement as I try to raise support amidst an ever increasing amount of work in the ministry. I actually connected with a pastor on Tuesday and set up a meeting for the end of November. It’s at Thompson Road Baptist in Indianapolis, IN. Then on Thursday a pastor called me back to schedule a second meeting at his church. He called me about a year ago to set up that second meeting, but we couldn’t figure out a date that would work. But this time we settled on something–Mar. 27, 2011. The meeting’s at Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church in Niles, MI. That leaves only 3 more holes to fill in early 2011!

I also noticed today that another couple committed to supporting me. After a small dip because of recalculations, my support is back up to 65 %! Praise the Lord!

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Three years ago I began communicating with First Baptist Church of Sterling Heights, MI, concerning a deputation meeting. At that time they were going through so many challenges that they weren’t even able to have me in for a meeting. Eventually, however, we were able to set up a meeting for Feb of 2009. But then I fractured a vertebra in my back, so we had to reschedule the meeting. They weren’t in a position to take me on then either, so it worked out well from that respect. Because of the complexities involved in getting our two schedules to coordinate well, the meeting was moved to last Sunday. And now, three years later, they are finally in a position to at least consider me for support. They’ve been very interested in the ministry of Bibles International and have wanted to consider supporting me all throughout the three years, but only now are they in a position to do that. And the Lord delayed my meeting to this “ripe” time. Praise the Lord for His timing!

Three years ago I also took my first trip for BI and it was to Chad, Africa. In a little over a week, I’ll be going there again. This time I will be the head consultant for the workshop, and I’ll have another consultant (located in Chad) learning from me. Please pray for wisdom as I prepare so that I can set the right example and also so that I can do quality work. I fully understand my need for more experience, so I desperately need your prayers. Though the formal education involved in becoming a consulting is quite extensive, there are still so many things that are better caught than taught. I’m trusting in the Lord to help me, as He did when I went to Togo last year and did the workshop by myself. At least I have another consultant to confer with this time! We hope to work through 1 and 2 Chronicles. I’ve been able to check 1 Chron 1-8, so I have much more to do! The more I get done in the US, the less I have to work on in the evenings in Chad.

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A Successful Seminar

Well, the seminar is now over, and the consultants are heading home, some driving for many hours. Please pray for their travel safety. Some have to go all the way back to Maine.

Praise the Lord for giving us such a successful seminar. It’s amazing how the Lord helped us to pull everything together in a relatively short period of time. Most of us are quite busy with other responsibilities throughout the year, so preparing for the sessions may not happen until the week before or even the night before! But even though that was the case, the sessions were extremely profitable, and we often ended up with more material than time to cover it in.

We profited greatly from Dr. Koffi’s vast knowledge of linguistics, especially in the area of orthography. He taught us many things, so now we have to figure out how best to apply them to our current projects and how to implement them in our plan for future projects.

We always benefit from the discussions as a group, because we can draw from one another’s varied experiences in various parts of the world. Of course, it’s always a blessing to grow in Christ-likeness and deepen our burden for the ministry as we fellowship together during the formal and informal times. In addition to spending time together during the day (8:15-3:30), most of us also got together almost every evening for supper.

Now that I’m getting pretty experienced with these seminars, I’m beginning to realize how much work they create! In fact, I go into the seminar hoping that the to-do list doesn’t become too enormous by the end. We discuss many different ways to improve our ministry, but then we have to work on implementing those improvements. Much of that falls upon my shoulders as the head of the department. I need to give direction so that we can move forward according to the right priorities. Please pray for wisdom! Pray also for guidance to know how to balance my schedule, since I really need to turn my attention back towards deputation. I still have around a third of my support to raise! But during the next two weeks, I need to give serious attention to preparation for the Chad OT workshop. I leave on July 24. Never a dull moment!

I have a deputation meeting on Sunday at First Baptist in Sterling Heights. I’ll be speaking in SS, giving a short intro in the worship service, and then presenting my ministry in the PM service. Pray for God’s blessing.

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