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Meetings Scheduled

The Lord is obviously answering my prayer request about setting up meetings in Jan/Feb of 2011. Yesterday, I was able to set up two meetings in Feb, and today I set up one in Jan. That leaves only 4 Sundays to be filled! Praise the Lord!

The Lord also opened some doors for me yesterday. I wanted to visit pastors on my way through southwestern VA next week and had targeted 5 pastors. One is out of town, and three haven’t called back yet, but I’m thankful that at least one has agreed to meet with me. I was also able to meet two pastors yesterday that I had been trying to meet since November of 2008. I had basically given up on this church as a possibility. But then a fellow missionary, whom I met at the BJU Alumni Association meeting in March, said he would put the good word in for me. I followed that up on Monday, and yesterday–only minutes before I was going to attend a soccer game at the same church/school–the secretary called and said the missions pastor would like me to send my info again. I happily told her I could deliver it personally. I ended up meeting that pastor and the senior pastor and had a great time of fellowship. God’s timing is perfect!

I had good meetings at Faith Baptist Church in Battleboro, NC, and at Catawba Springs Christian Church in Apex, NC, last Sunday. Pastor Chuck Woodruff at the latter church said the deacons were quite moved by my presentation and that it’s quite likely that the church will take me on next month. Praise the Lord! My support might increase to around 70% by the end of May, if the four likely possibilities come to fruition! Please keep praying!

I recently had to give some thought to the question–what makes our translations conservative? I’m going to post the answer on my “Translator’s Page,” so you’ll want to check it out if this question interests you.

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I was just in the stomping grounds of Peyton Manning, my long-lost cousin (I wish… kinda), and now I’m only a few minutes of a town called Troy. Imagine that?! I haven’t had good internet access all week and tried to post something yesterday when I was in Winston-Salem and when I thought I had a good internet access, but it didn’t work! Now, I’m in Biscoe, NC, only a few minutes away from Troy. I think my McD connection will work for me this time.

The Lord gave me a wonderful time at Colonial Hills Baptist Church (pastored by Dr. Chuck Phelps) in Indianapolis, IN, last week. The conference started last week on Wed and ended on Sunday. I spoke at the “Men’s Night Out” on Friday, presented my ministry DVD in SS, spoke for 10 minutes each in two different junior churches, and preached the Sunday evening message. Rarely have I experienced such enabling power to minister as I did at that church, and I think the main reason is the priority they place on prayer. Around 50 people gather each Sunday afternoon to pray for various requests. They allowed each missionary to share their own personal requests, and they also prayed through requests from the congregation.

God did some wonderful things in answer to those prayers. The people increased their faith promise giving by 15% since last year (so hopefully they will add me as a new missionary!). The church was also extremely generous towards the missionaries, showing their great heart for the work of God around the world. They promised that a large love offering is going to be mailed. They already gave me some wonderful gifts too: a large check towards my next overseas trip, a copy of Bibleworks 8 for our only national consultant, a Kindle for me (and $50 to get started), and some wonderful provisions from the missionary cupboard. Plus, the lodging and the food were wonderful! Most importantly, the people gave with a heart of love toward the Lord and us, showing their missions spirit. Praise the Lord for such a blessed time!

On a more personal note… The Lord has really helped my back to recover to full strength, at least as completely as is possible considering the nature of the injury in January of 2009. I haven’t been able to sleep through the night without pain waking me up, but I’ve been able to sleep through the whole night for about two months now. Also, I didn’t used to be able to jog or run without unsettling pain, but I jogged three times in the past 7 days and have felt no pain! Praise the Lord for this progress!

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My New Place

Yesterday as I was doing the usual drive to my church in Grand Rapids, past thoughts came rushing back into my mind. These thoughts returned as I noticed once again some beautiful condos on a lake by a golf course. I remember thinking, “How wonderful it would be to live in such a place, but I know I could never afford it.” Well, it’s true that I still can’t afford such a residence, and it’s also true that it would be wonderful. What’s not true, however, is that it would be impossible for me to live in such a place. With God all things are possible!

This past weekend I moved most of my earthly goods into the bottom floor of a condo on a lake! (No golf course, but no potential for broken windows either!) I’ve now slept four nights in my new place and am loving it! Many of the furnishings that were already in the place are brand new and very comfortable. And thanks to my mom, my kitchen is now fully equipped! The kitchen was almost completely unused before I arrived, including the microwave, dishwasher and the other more standard appliances. We were able to unpack almost all of the boxes, so I’m close to being fully settled in. We even hung some pictures last night. I’ll have to take some pictures and let you have a look when things are finally in place.

I’m so thankful to have had my mom’s help as well as that of friends in Greenville and Grand Rapids. Four men came over to help me pack in Greenville. One was an experienced mover, and he helped us deal with the dilemma of the moving company forgetting to outfit the truck with the 24 packing blankets that I had ordered. We ended up not needing them, so I saved $30!

The Lord also gave us beautiful weather throughout the week–in Greenville, Grand Rapids, and all the miles in between. We had no incidents with the truck as we drove up Wed and Thur (or Fri and Sat as we drove around Grand Rapids for various errands). The Lord also helped us to get the truck unpacked in a little over an hour as three friends in Grand Rapids came over to help. Somehow my mom and I were able to unpack almost every box and also buy all the supplies needed to make the home ready for living.

Throughout the weekend I have been praising the Lord for His goodness to me! Truly, He did exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could have asked or thought. I didn’t even have to spend hours trying to find a place. This was the second place I found out about. He also provided it at a rate much lower than anything else I could have found in GR. And He provided a very comfortable and relaxing place on a peaceful lake where I have duck and geese to keep me company. I’m also thankful for the kind lady who lives above me and for her family who linked me up with her. God is exceedingly gracious!

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