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Chapel and Changes

I’ve arrived safely back in Grand Rapids, after a very profitable trip to Detroit.  I visited a church in Flushing on Wed and made a good contact there.  My time at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary also went very well.  I was able to show my DVD and then talk about the biblical justification for a translation ministry.  I also had time for questions and was able to stress some more points in my answers.  Some of the students seemed quite interested.  I was also able to meet a few of the professors and had good talks with them.  So the Lord definitely answered prayers!  Thanks for praying. 

I also found out this week that I can count another church in Quebec as a supporting church.  Eglise Baptiste des Basses Laurentides has taken me on as their first missionary.  What a privilege!  Now my support level is up to 46%! 

Pray as I start looking into housing here in Grand Rapids.  I don’t need anything right away, but I will need something later this year.  I’m probably going to get an apartment, since I will be traveling still on deputation.

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The Lord allowed the weather to be clear yesterday for my trip up to Fremont, MI, 1.5 hours from Grand Rapids.  One believer at the church there said they have already gotten over 100 inches of snow, so having a clear day for travel is no small blessing!  I praise the Lord for helping me to present my ministry well in SS (in spite of the DVD player’s freezing up at the end of the presentation) and for really enabling me to preach in the AM service in a way that I rarely experience.  The people were very friendly and interested.  I attended the church in the evening just to get to know the people better, and that ended up being a very good idea.  I was able to talk to many that I didn’t talk to in the morning, and one lady said she and her husband are very interested in helping as volunteers. 

As I was driving  back to Grand Rapids, I found out that Ashley Baptist Church in Belding, MI, has voted to take me on for support.  The pastor said I was first on the list to receive support as soon as the funds came in.  With the way MI economy is, I didn’t expect that to be so soon, but the Lord has obviously been blessing.  I’m so thankful to be partnering with this wonderful church and glad that it is only 45 minutes from Bibles International.  Now my support level is at 44%.  Praise the Lord!! 

Pray for good preparation for my chapel presentation at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary this Thurs.  I hope the Lord will use this presentation to create a good relationship with that seminary in view of recruiting future consultants and creating partnerships with these men as they pastor churches around the US and evangelize around the world.

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Increasing Support

I praise the Lord that my support level has increased to 41%.  An individual in SC and a church in Quebec (Eglise Baptiste de la Vallée de Richelieu) have begun supporting me monthly.  It’s always an encouragement to see the Lord move in hearts and provide the funds to support me, especially since there has been no change in support since October. 

Pray for a good meeting tomorrow in Fremont (I’m looking forward to being with Pastor Ruley and his church!) and for the Lord to give me wisdom as I plan my presentation at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.  I want to give that serious thought tomorrow.

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After spending some wonderful months in the south, I’ve finally come to the time when I need to head  back up to the cold, snowy north.  I actually left Grand Rapids, MI, on Sept. 27 and have not been back since.  After traveling around in WV and PA, I drove south on Nov. 10 to jump on a plane that left on Nov. 11 for Papua New Guinea.  So, in addition to spending these past few months in South Carolina, I’ve been to the ‘deep south’ of PNG and Haiti.  I’m so thankful for how the Lord worked through these ministry and deputation travels, as well as the gracious ways He has shown Himself in my personal life. 

But tomorrow I begin the long voyage into the frozen tundra.  I’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning, though not extremely early, and will be stopping off in Findlay, OH, for Friday night.  The high in Findlay will be a balmy 1 degree.  Can my blood handle such a jolt?!  On Saturday I’ll travel to some friends’ house in the Detroit area to relax and prepare for Sunday’s ministry.  Then on Sunday morning I’ll complete my voyage by driving to Bay City, MI, for my deputation meeting at South Baptist Church.  I head back to Grand Rapids next Monday.  I will have been away for 4 months, so there will be much catching up to do, both with people and with tasks. 

Please pray for a safe voyage, especially as I drive on wintery roads.  Pray for no break-downs, so that I can be welcomed back into the cold north from within my warm, smoothly running car.  Pray for good times of fellowship with the Lord and with friends (on the phone) as I spend over 12 hours by myself in the car.

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A Year in Review

I’ve made it a yearly ritual to review the previous year on New Year’s Day so that I can capture all that the Lord has done in my life through the past 12 months.  This year I looked carefully at how the Lord helped me in my deputation ministry so that I would not miss all His blessings.  I praise the Lord for keeping me safe over 13, 847 ministry miles, especially the trips through the snow back and forth to Michigan State University in the spring.  I also praise the Lord for bringing in enough monthly support last year to cover all of my ministry expenses.  In fact, my monthly support exceeded my expenses by $200.  And I praise Him for the other gifts that have come in and the love offerings so that I have much more than $200 for personal expenses! 

Lastly, I praise Him for helping me through 40 meetings and one missions conference.  Those numbers are lower than the typical missionary, but I’m not the typical missionary.  I had to fit meetings around 18 hours of linguistics courses, a consultant seminar, a BI retreat, and trips to PNG and Haiti.  My support level went up 17% this past year in spite of the limitations on my deputation time.  I praise God for increasing my support in spite of the hard economic times!  God is good!

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