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Autumn in PA

I’m so glad the Lord worked it out for me to be in PA in the Fall, because I have thoroughly enjoyed the colorful hills.  The peak season in the SW is already past, but not in the SE. 

On my “blank Sunday” I was able to visit Emmanuel Baptist Church in Mechanicsburg and Bible Baptist in New Bloomfield.  I had a great time at the former.  I was able to meet the pastor (Steve Crews) as soon as I got there, and he suggested that I call him for a meeting even before I could bring up the subject (of course, I gave him my brochure, so that made my intentions pretty obvious).  He also asked me to introduce myself before the offering and then pray for the offering.  He also took me out to lunch with his family and then gave me an empty office to use for the afternoon.  What a gracious man!  I’ve set it up to go back to his church in Nov 09 for their missions conference.

The following Wed I was able to visit the Wexler’s church in Pottstown, PA.  I had a great time fellowshipping with the Wexlers, Wes Hedrick, and the people at Bethesda Baptist.  It was like a little slice of Mt. Calvary again. 

On Thurs I made many calls, and on Fri I followed through with some of those calls.  I had a great time at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary.  I was able to meet the president and a couple of professors.  It looks like I will be returning there for a chapel to present the ministry of BI.  I was also able to spend a couple of hours with my former bball coach and administrator from Schaumburg Christian School.  It was great to see him and his wife (the Thaxtons). 

Yesterday was the most tiring and hectic Sunday of my deputation experience yet.  I presented my ministry to three different churches, two in Pittsburgh and one 1.5 hours away from Pittsburgh.  But the Lord greatly blessed, even in the wrong turns I made as I traveled (because they helped me out later by the info I discovered).  I ministered in SS and the AM service at Bible Baptist, pastored by Philip Golden.  It was a privilege to minister there for their anniversary Sunday.  Then after scarfing down some lunch, I headed across town to Ambassador Baptist, pastored by Mark Montgomery.  Mark’s daughter is currently helping BI in India.  I appreciated the opportunity to be there.  Then I traveled a few hours to be at Calvary Baptist, pastored by Darryl Jeffers.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry.  I enjoyed meeting many people from my days at LINC as well as making new friends.  I also enjoyed seeing Lucas and Kelly Vanderwerker again.  Lucas was an advisee of mine at BJU. 

Now I’m in Pittsburgh trying to meet with pastors.  I had a great meeting with Pastor Kistler of Middletown Rd Baptist.  We set up a meeting for Mar 09, and he also gave me many helpful tips for meeting other pastors, including a pastors’ conference.  I hope to follow up on them in the next few weeks. 

Thanks so much for the prayers for good ministry and solid contacts.  The Lord has definitely given grace and strength!

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Travels to WV and PA

I had a great trip from MI to WV on Sept. 27, traveling through the beautiful Amish country of central OH.  I enjoy getting off the interstates and traveling down the two-lane roads through the country.  I especially enjoy the double-yellow-lined two lane roads that wind around forests and through hilly areas.  There was no lack of that on this trip, especially when I got into WV.  Wayne Cooper’s church (Lowman Baptist Church) is tucked away in a narrow section between two hills, about 8 miles from the nearest town.  Far enough into the sticks that I had no cell phone coverage!  In fact, it took about 30 minutes of driving when I left to return to cell phone land. 

Wayne and I were in the same apartment together as graduate assistants at BJU, along with 4 other guys.  So it was great to catch up with him and his wife Charity.  I also enjoyed meeting their adopted Russian son Nathanael.  The Coopers lost their parsonage to a fire when they were in Russia for the adoption, but the Lord has made up for their loss with a beautiful house and a study full of books.  I had a great time staying with them for the weekend and ministering in their church.  I was thankful to meet Tim Amundson, a representative for Bibles International.  This church (thanks partly to Tim!) is very favorable about taking me on for support. 

The following Monday I headed to Pittsburgh so that I could meet pastors to schedule future meetings.  I was able to send out letters, but my time in Pittsburgh was cut short when my laptop monitor bit the dust.  I ended up having to drive over to the eastern side of the state (for various reasons related to getting my computer fixed) on Friday.  But I did have a very profitable time in Pittsburgh as I prepared another sermon and met with one pastor (another friend from BJU) on Wed night.  We had a great time of fellowship as he took me out for desert after the service.  He would like to have me in for a meeting next spring. 

I attended a missions conference in Middletown on Sat-Wed.  I was supposed to attend the kickoff picnic on Saturday, but because of a misunderstanding I didn’t end up going.  But I enjoyed a relaxing time of reading and resting at a local park that afternoon.  I taught in SS and preached in the evening service on Sunday, and both went very well.   The message I prepared the week before was what I preached the following Wed.  The Lord really blessed that time as well, and I’m looking forward to giving it again in the near future.

Since my computer was at the shop, I had plenty of time for reading.  I’m reading through Meaning-Based Translation and On Being a Missionary.  I’m actually kinda thankful for these times without my computer, because it forces me to do other necessary things. 

I got my computer back on Thursday, so now I’m back in business.  I was able to send off letters to 20 different pastors in the area.  I plan on visiting them over the next few weeks.  Please pray for successful contacts. 

I was supposed to have a meeting in VA tomorrow, but that had to be rescheduled.  I plan on visiting a few different churches to make contact with the pastors.  Though I don’t like having a “blank Sunday,” I take this as from the Lord and look forward to how He will work. 

Thanks so much for your prayers.  I definitely need them!

Please check out my updated itinerary and praises/prayer requests pages.

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