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Time Flies

I just realized it’s been almost a month since I posted something on my blog.  Here I thought it was only a couple of weeks ago.  Much has happened since my last update.  I was able to finish well the linguistics courses I was taking at SIL-UND (I hope to share more of what I learned in a later post).  I enjoyed my weekend visit to Marshall, MN, to see the Linscotts.  We had great fellowship and ice cream together.  Pray for Greg because he experienced an accident on his scooter just a few days after I left.  He is in good condition, but he has to go through a number of skin graphs.  Not fun! 

After my time in ND, I headed to Schaumburg, IL, for a Singles’ Conference.  I had a great time making some new friends and being edified by the great teaching and preaching.  Without allowing myself to stay at one place too long, I headed back to Grand Rapids Saturday evening with just enough time to unpack, get some sleep, and head to a deputation meeting in Niles, MI.  Pastor Lomax and Emmanuel Baptist Bible Church treated me very well the entire day.  I could tell that they caught a burden for my ministry, because the pastor asked everyone to spend some time in prayer and heart searching after I finished presenting my ministry in the evening service.

After a seemingly short week of trying to catch up from three-month’s absence in the office and trying to prepare for the upcoming events (retreat and seminar), I had another deputation meeting in Belding, MI, at Ashley Baptist Church.  Pastor Dave Oliver and the church were greatly impressed by the needs of Bible translation.  In fact, the pastor told me that I am number 1 on his list to receive support as soon as the funds become available. 

I head to Kalamazoo, MI, tomorrow for a meeting at Green Meadow Baptist church, pastored by Paul Pendell.  I’ll be speaking in the SS hour, the AM service, and the PM service.  Please pray for a fruitful ministry. 

The Lord made His presence very obvious at the BI Retreat last week.  For the entire three days together, we could sense a spirit of peace and unity.  It was truly refreshing to be together and to enjoy such a beautiful environment.  After the retreat I had one more full day to get ready for the Consultant Seminar, probably the most important annual event in the life of my department, the Text Production Department.  We spend six days discussing various issues that help us be better consultants.  This is my first year leading the seminar, and the Lord has helped things to come together well.  There are 24 consultants, prospective or actual, attending.  The sessions begin at 8:15 and end at 3:30, with meetings with individuals wrapping up the rest of the day.  The first day (Friday) went very well.  Please pray for continued success.  There is so much to discuss, but so little time. 

I look forward to taking a little break from the action next weekend, where I will spend some time in the New York city area.  I’ll enjoy some site-seeing and fellowship with friends.

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