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(Check out the updated “praise/prayer” page.)Even though I’ve had many first days of school in my eternal career of studenthood, I was still quite nervous about how things would go at Michigan State on Monday.  There were many new experiences ahead–first 1-hour commute at 6am from Grand Rapids to Lansing, first time to ride the buses onto campus, and first time to be amongst students at a state university.  The Lord showed His presence throughout.  He gave me great weather for the trip over (I actually had great weather all week).  He helped me to make all my buses and to arrive on time.  And He gave me some great professors and some good students to be in class with.  I was even able to meet 3 believers who are in my classes.  I hope to have an encouraging and strengthening influence on them.  I’ve already been encouraged by them, especially seeing one declare boldly to the entire class during introductions that he wants to preach the gospel for the rest of his life. In case you’re interested (I guess you wouldn’t be coming to my blog if you weren’t), I’ll explain my schedule.  On MW I have to leave the house at 6:15am.  I arrive 1 hr and 10 min later and wait for the first bus.  That bus takes me to a bus station in the middle of campus.  Then I have to wait for my second bus which takes me to my classroom building–Wells Hall.  My first class is Syntax with Deo Ngonyani, a Tanzanian professor.  I’m looking forward to the exposure he gives us to his Bantu language.  That class ends at 9:20. 

After a break I go to my second class, Phonetics and Phonology, at 10:20-11:40.  Hansook Choi is the professor, and she’s from Korea.  She is a very kind professor and really seems to know her stuff.  I hear she is very disciplined and requires much from the students. 

On TTh I have to leave Grand Rapids at 8:30.  After the same bus routine, I head to Morphology at 10:20-11:40 with Aggrey Wasike, a Kenyan professor.  He’s very laid-back, but I think I’ll enjoy learning about the form of words and about his Kiswahili language.

(I keep expecting the teachers to start the class in prayer, but so far they haven’t done that!) 

No classes on Fri.  After my last class each day, I head back to Grand Rapids.  I plan on eating my lunch in the car and hitting the ground running at 1:30 when I get to the office.  I continue to try to set up deputation meeting (pray for a 19-piece mailing that went to Quebec yesterday) and to help with the BI ministry.  I don’t think the work load for linguistics courses is going to be too overwhelming, but it might be a little too early to predict that. 

I’m thankful I made it through all of my linguistics reading over the break, but I’m also glad that much of this beginning stuff in the courses is review.  Everything is still so fresh in my mind for some reason!! 

These past two weeks I participated in (when I was not in class) the translator training for Daniel Telfort, the translator of the Haitian Creole OT.  Though I enjoyed participating in that, I’m looking forward to having the afternoon hours free again to get work done.  We decided on Friday that I would be the main consultant for that translation.  What a privilege to be a part of the Bible translation ministry!  I can’t wait to “get my hands dirty” with consulting.  I’ll probably take a trip down there in early Fall. 

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