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(Check out the “Translator’s Page” for a new post on it.)In my last post I asked you to pray for my trip to NY and PA.  The forecast said that a northeaster was heading into NY.  Well, that forecast proved to be right on target.  The pastor called and told me that they would probably not have church because of the snow coming in Sat evening and that I would probably get stuck up there if I came, since there would be a layer of ice on top of the snow by Mon morning.  I haven’t heard the exact details, but I think that’s exactly what happened.  So, instead of driving up to NY, I stayed in PA for that Sunday.  I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to fellowship with that church, but I trust I will be able to get back over there in the future.  I plan to pass back through the Philly area next Fall. 

Since the Lord had me stay in PA, I was wondering what His purposes were in that.  I began to see that He wanted me to meet some wonderful people whose friendships I hope to strengthen as the years go by.  I enjoyed meeting the dear people at Faith Bible Church (Mount Joy) in the morning and at Harvest Bible Church (Lancaster) in the evening. 

The Lord also blessed my meetings with pastors.  In addition to keeping the roads clear and dry, He also allowed me to hook up with a number of godly men.  I ended up making direct contact with 12 men, and 10 of them promised me meetings or set them up right there on the spot.  I have also heard from an 11th since leaving, who wants to have me come.  Praise the Lord for His blessing! 

I arrived in SC last Thursday and have enjoyed Christmas with family and friends.  Now that the festivities are mostly passed, I have settled down for a long winter’s read.  Linguistics reading, that is.  MSU waived the prerequisite, but with the qualification that I read 3 books, totaling around 1,400 pages!!  Only 800 more to go by Jan. 7! 

I head back to MI on Jan. 2 to observe my first translator training session.  Daniel Telford, a recent graduate of BJU, will be preparing to translate the OT into Haitian Creole. 

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After staying at multiple houses, it’s been nice to stay in the same place for the past two weeks.  And the best thing about it is that I have an entire house to myself.  Well, I do have to share it with Whitney, a black cat, but she’s pretty generous with her property.  Cheryl and Eric Elmer, missionaries with BI, are in Jerusalem, and they offered to let me stay in their house while they were gone.  I’ve enjoyed having their lovely house all to myself. This experience has forced me to develop my domestic skills.  Today I was running the vacuum, cleaning the bathtub, and doing laundry.  The most traumatic experience has been the trip to the grocery store.  What a tiring escapade!  Not knowing where things are located means much backtracking.  And deciding between 200 different kinds of bread is extremely psychologically tiring.  Thankfully, I got everything I needed and was able to make a yummy beef-veggie stew. 

Overall, I would say that this domestic experience has gone quite well, except for my messing up the timer for the Christmas tree lights.  Now the lights come on in the evening and they also come on some time in the early morning hours.  The neighbors might wonder what’s going on except for the fact that they are probably not awake to see it. 

On a more serious note… please pray for my trip to NY and PA this weekend.  They are predicting that a northeaster will hit NY on Saturday night, so I might not be able to make it up to that church in Elmira, NY.  Since I already have airline tickets and since I will head from PA to SC for the Christmas break, I’m going to go ahead and make the trip.  I just need wisdom as to whether or not to drive to NY on Saturday afternoon.

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Where am I?

Though I didn’t beat my previous record, I did stay in 4 different houses in 7 days during the Thanksgiving weekend.  I blazed through snow, hail, and rain on my way back to the Chicago area on Thanksgiving morning.  I arrived safely at my cousin’s house and enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner with him, his family, and his dad (also my uncle). Some of you may have been crazy enough to shop til you dropped on Black Friday, but I limited my craziness to one key purchase–a GPS.  Now I know exactly where I am at all times… hopefully.  It’s only let me down a few times so far, but a few of those may have been user errors (imagine that?!).  I’m thankful that it helped me find a Panera Bread in Decatur, IL, without any problem.  Very important finds when on the road! 

I returned to Grand Rapids the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, and I’ve been here ever since (except for short trips within the state).  I’ve spent most of my time with deputation activities, but I have been able to devote some time to the ministry of Bibles International.  I’m glad that I can already have a part in helping further this ministry.

The Lord continues to bless my deputation efforts.  I have made substantial contacts with various pastors, and I have been able to secure meetings with a few of them.  A number have promised meetings, but we still need to secure dates.  Please pray about that.  The Lord has also burdened hearts to support me.  Individuals/ churches have promised future support. 

I’m thankful that I am now a “watchcare member” of Westside Baptist Church.  The charter service was yesterday.  It’s such a blessing to be involved in such a key date in the life of that church.  I look forward to seeing how God will use us to proclaim Christ in Grand Rapids.   

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