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The Lord has greatly blessed my deputation travels.  I attended my first missions conference as a full-time missionary.  It was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Findlay, OH.  I spoke 5 different times and showed my DVD during another session.  The Lord really helped me to communicate the great need of Bible translation.  In Sunday school, I tried to give the men (it was a combined men’s SS class) a feel for what it’s like not to have the Bible.  I told them to keep their Bibles closed while I taught from my French Bible.  I would read the verses in French, give a translation on the spot, and then teach in English.  The men were quite struck by this experienced, and it helped them to see what many believers, to whom we are supplying Bibles, experience all the time. I wasn’t very successful in establishing new relationships with pastors in OH, IN, and MI, after that missions conference, but I think I might get a couple meetings from that group. On Nov. 11, I had the great privilege of going back to “my neck of the woods”–Chicago.  I’ve been “accused” of being a southerner and of having a slight southern accent.  Though I have fallen into the habit of saying “y’all” (I’m trying to revert back to “you guys” now), I am far from being a southern (no offence to my southern friends).  I’m a true-blue Midwesterner.  When people ask, “Where are you from?”, I say, I’m from the Midwest, and more precisely, Chicago.  So, it was a joy to be back in Bulls/Bears country.  I was overwhelmed at the opportunity to be back at Bethel Baptist Church in Schaumburg, IL.  And the people received me warmly.  They showed me more interest and took more literature than any other church I’ve been to.  Of course, that’s partly because Bibles International is not as familiar to them as other churches, and it’s also because I’ve been away for 10 years.  I thorougly enjoyed ministering to them and fellowshipping with them for the day.At the pastors’ conference on Nov. 12-13, I made at least 15 different contacts with pastors.  I hope to follow up on those contacts next week. 

I also enjoyed being with Paul Carlson at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Huntley, IL.  It’s a small church plant, but it was such a joy to see a former Bethel layman now pastoring a church. 

It was during this week in Chicago that I slept in 6 different houses in 8 days.  And I greatly enjoyed each family that I stayed with, and I slept very well in all the new beds.  Praise the Lord!

I connected with a few more pastors in IL and IN before heading back to Grand Rapids. 

After being back for 2 days, I headed to eastern MI.  Originally, I was going to go to a deputation meeting, but that got cancelled.  I decided to go anyway so that I could connect with more pastors in eastern MI.  The Lord has graciously granted another deputation meeting through those labors. 

Thanks so much for your prayers through this time of deputation labors.  God is answering!

Check out some of my pictures at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=21342&l=c82fe&id=613716245.

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Unplanned Meeting

I forgot to mention in my last post (re: visiting churches in eastern MI) that the Lord did a wonderful thing for me in a very unplanned way.  I was driving toward eastern MI on the Saturday evening before the week of appointments when I got a call from my pastor here in Grand Rapids.  He wanted to put me in contact with a pastor in eastern MI.  It turns out that the missionary who was supposed to speak at the end of their missions emphasis week was not able to because of sickness.  So, this pastor was desparate to find a missionary to fill the place.  He remembered talking to me a few weeks back at a preaching conference, and he knew we were already in the process of setting up a meeting for Spring 2008.  He decided he would see if I could do it the next day instead of next semester.  The Lord worked it out that I was already over a 100 miles closer to his church than I normally would be.  I gladly accepted his invitation and had a great time presenting my ministry to his church.  I was able to connect with some very gifted members of his church, who are interested in helping BI.  The pastor took me out for lunch and gave me an honorarium.  I had no plans of receiving any income that week and thought it would be only a “red” week, but the Lord graciously lessened those expenses through this unplanned meeting.  Praise the Lord!

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Visiting Pastors in MI

I just returned from visiting pastors in eastern MI.  The wonderful people of First Baptist Church in Sterling Heights, MI, allowed me to stay in their prophet’s chamber for the entire week.  I had to do my own cooking, though!  But the Healthy Choice microwave dinners turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself!  I did do a little better for myself for breakfast, but I tried to keep meals simple and economical, though also healthy. 

I was able to eat dinner Wed pm with Brian Collins’ family and then went to their church at First Baptist Church of Lake Orion.  They even treated me to dessert at Applebees after church!

I had plans of visiting 21 different pastors.  I ended up making contact with 14 of them.  Of those 14, I was able to set up meetings with 3 of them.  One pastor set up a meeting for Nov. 18.  On Nov. 19 I will meet with 4 of the pastors that I didn’t meet this time through.  Most of the pastors expressed a desire to have me for a meeting but said that the MI economy prohibits that.  MI is going through a depression right now, and eastern MI is being hit the hardest.  And to think, the Democratic politicians in Lansing want to increase taxes! 

Check out my “where am I?” page to see where my Toyota Camry is rolling to tomorrow.

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