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 Let the Deputation Travel Begin!

My first deputation meeting was at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  The Lord blessed that meeting greatly.  I’ve since found out that they voted to take me on for support.  Praise the Lord!  It’s such a blessing to know that my home church is very supportive of my new ministry. 

While in SC, I presented my work at 3 other churches in the area–Sonpoint Baptist Fellowship, Trinity Bible Church, and Emmanuel Baptist Church.  The Lord blessed each of these meetings.  I also traveled up to Huntingdon, PA, for a meeting at Calvary Independent Baptist Church.  It was a blessing to get back together with the man who was my high school Bible teacher a few hundred years ago.  During that trip, I also visited pastors in PA, WV, and VA.  The Lord showed His guiding hand throughout those travels.  Sometimes I would not be able to get ahold of a pastor, but he would show up right when I arrived at the church.  I also enjoyed zipping through the country roads of that section of America and enjoying the fall colors.  This is far and away my favorite time of year!  It looks like I will be able to set up 9 meetings because of that trip.  Praise the Lord!

Translation Conference

I was able to attend a Translation Conference sponsored by the Summer Institute of Linguisics in Dallas, TX.  Though we have a different translation philosophy than they do, it was good to learn from their wealth of experience and knowledge.  There are many good people in that organization, and it was encouraging to hear the keynote speaker’s emphasis on the importance of godly character for the translators.  He was a national translator himself and is now finishing training to become a consultant.

My New Office

I returned to Grand Rapids in mid-October and was pleasantly welcomed into a new office, which my co-workers labored tirelessly to prepare for my return (Feel free to drop in any time you are in Grand Rapids to see me and my new office.).  I have been able to meet with a number of the people in the office, and I have learned much about all that lies ahead of me.  The work to be done is tremendous, but the Lord has called me here, so He will give the grace I need. 

Meeting More Pastors

Last week I was able to attend the Mid-America Preaching Conference at Inter-City Baptist Church in Allen Park, MI.  My main goal was to meet pastors for future deputation meetings.  My goal was to make 5 solid contacts, but the Lord far exceeded that goal.  I believe that conference enabled me to get around 8-9 meetings.  God is so good! 

I’m heading to eastern MI this evening to meet up with around 21 different pastors.  I will be attending a pastor’s conference on Tuesday and visiting pastors at their churches on Wed-Thurs.  Lord willing, I will establish even more relationships with pastors.

 A Lifelong Learner

When I was in high school, I wanted to go to college for four years, start a family, and get settled into an engineering position.  How have my desires changed!  After 12.5 years of schooling, I will be going back to school next semester.  I’ll be doing the 1-hour commute 4 days a week to take 3 advanced linguistics courses at Michigan State University.  I went down to MSU this past Wed to see if the professors would grant me favor and approve of my exceptions.  It turned out that they granted every exception, and I will end up saving $1500 in the process.  Also, I won’t have to pay the higher out-of-state rate, because Lifelong Learning students pay one set rate.  Praise the Lord!  Now I just need to read around 1000 pages between now and January.  Pray to the Lord!

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